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A Dictionary Entry is a dictionary item that is a document entry.

  • Context:
  • Example(s):
    • a Dictionary Entry, such as: de•clen•sion \dɪˈklen.ʃən\, noun [MiddleEnglish declenson, modification of MiddleFrench declinaison, from Latin declination-, declinatio grammatical inflection, turning aside, from declinare to inflect, turn aside] (15c)
      1 a: noun, adjective, or pronoun inflection especially in some prescribed order of the forms
      1b : a class of nouns or adjectives having the same type of inflectional forms
      2 : a falling of or away : deteriortion
      , slope – declensional \-ˈklen.ʃənəl\, adj
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  • See: Definitional Passage.