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A Dictionary Word Sense Definition is a Word Sense Definition associated with a Dictionary Entry Definition.

  • AKA: Dictionary Entry Word Sense Definition.
  • Context:
  • Example(s):
    • Any of the various usually small South American characin fishes (genus /Serrasalmo) having very sharp teeth.”.
    • noun, adjective, or pronoun inflection especially in some prescribed order of the forms.” (i.e. for "declension”.)
    • a class of nouns or adjectives having the same type of inflectional forms.” (i.e. for "declension”.)
    • a falling of or away : deterioration” (i.e. for “declension”.)
    • descent, slope” (i.e. for “declension”.)
    • A small enclosed receptacle for money.” (i.e. for "bank”).
    • A reserve of something (e.g. blood, data) stored for future use; a place holding this.” (i.e. for "bank”).
  • See: Definition.