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See: Vector Dimension, Tuple Dimension, Arity, Metric Space, Physical Dimension, Temporal Dimension.



  • (Zaiane, 1999) ⇒ Osmar Zaiane. (1999). “Glossary of Data Mining Terms." University of Alberta, Computing Science CMPUT-690: Principles of Knowledge Discovery in Databases.
    • QUOTE: Dimension: In a flat or relational database, each field in a record represents a dimension. In a multidimensional database, a dimension is a set of similar entities; for example, a multidimensional sales database might include the dimensions Product, Time, and City.


  • (Kohavi & Provost, 1998) ⇒ Ron Kohavi, and Foster Provost. (1998). “Glossary of Terms.” In: Machine Leanring 30(2-3).
    • Dimension: An attribute or several attributes that together describe a property. For example, a geographical dimension might consist of three attributes: country, state, city. A time dimension might include 5 attributes: year, month, day, hour, minute.