Eneko Agirre

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Eneko Agirre is a person.







  • (Agirre et al., 2005) ⇒ Eneko Agirre, O. Lopez de Lacalle, and D. Martinez. (2005). Exploring feature spaces with svd and unlabeled data for word sense disambiguation. In: Proceedings of RANLP.


  • (Agirre & de Lacalle Lekuona, 2003) ⇒ Eneko Agirre, and O. Lopez de Lacalle Lekuona. (2003). “Clustering WordNet Word Senses.” In: Proceedings of the Conference on Recent Advances on Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2003).


  • (Agirre et al., 2000) ⇒ Eneko Agirre, Olatz Ansa, Eduard Hovy, and David Martinez. (2000). “Enriching Very Large Ontologies Using the WWW.” In: Proceedings of the ECAI 2000 Workshop on Ontology Learning.
    • ABSTRACT: This paper explores the possibility to exploit text on the world wide web in order to enrich the concepts in existing ontologies. First, a method to retrieve documents from the WWW related to a concept is described. These document collections are used 1) to construct topic signatures (lists of topically related words) for each concept in WordNet, and 2) to build hierarchical clusters of the concepts (the word senses) that lexicalize a given word. The overall goal is to overcome two shortcomings of WordNet: the lack of topical links among concepts, and the proliferation of senses. Topic signatures are validated on a word sense disambiguation task with good results, which are improved when the hierarchical clusters are used.