Function Differentiation Task

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A Function Differentiation Task is a mathematical task that requires the derivative of a function.




    • Differentiation with respect to a scalar is defined as follows, if:
    • then:
      • d f(x) / dx = [d(a /dx), d(b/dx), d(c/dx), d(e/dx)]
    • In other words to differentiate with respect to a scalar, we just differentiate the elements individually. So to give a more specific example if:
      • f(x) = [xn, sin(x), tan(x), ex ]
    • then:
      • d f(x) / dx = [n*xn-1, cos(x), sec2(x), ex ]
    • So this is quite simple, provided that we can differentiate the elements of a vector, we can differentiate the whole quaternion.