Guideline Instance

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A Guideline Instance is a heuristic / business rule that a person is to use to guide their actions.

  • Context:
    • It can (often) be a member of a Guidelines Document.
    • It can provide direction and advice to ensure consistency and quality in various processes.
    • It can range form being being a General Guideline to being a Domain-Specific Guideline.
    • It can be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new insights, best practices, and changes in the domain.
    • It can support training and development by providing clear instructions and examples.
    • It can help in decision-making by providing a structured approach to handle different situations.
    • ...
  • Example(s):
  • Counter-Example(s):
    • a Legal Rule that is a mandatory requirement and not merely advisory.
    • a Policy that sets out mandatory actions or behavior within an organization.
  • See: Standard, Policy Document, Protocol, Best Practice, Instruction Manual.