HTML Math Character

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An HTML Math Character is a math symbol that is an HTML Character.


Number Sample Name Hex Description
402ƒfnof192latin small f with hook
915ΓGamma393greek capital letter gamma
916ΔDelta394greek capital letter delta
920ΘTheta398greek capital letter theta
923ΛLambda39Bgreek capital letter lambda
926ΞXi39Egreek capital letter x_i
928ΠPi3A0greek capital letter pi
931ΣSigma3A3greek capital letter sigma
933ΥUpsilon3A5greek capital letter upsilon
934ΦPhi3A6greek capital letter phi
936ΨPsi3A8greek capital letter psi
937ΩOmega3A9greek capital letter omega
945αalpha3B1greek small letter alpha
946βbeta3B2greek small letter beta
947γgamma3B3greek small letter gamma
948δdelta3B4greek small letter delta
949εepsilon3B5greek small letter epsilon
950ζzeta3B6greek small letter zeta
951ηeta3B7greek small letter eta
952θtheta3B8greek small letter theta
953ιiota3B9greek small letter iota
954κkappa3BAgreek small letter kappa
955λlambda3BBgreek small letter lambda
956μmu3BCgreek small letter mu
957νnu3BDgreek small letter nu
958ξxi3BEgreek small letter x_i
959οomicron3BFgreek small letter omicron
960πpi3C0greek small letter pi
961ρrho3C1greek small letter rho
962ςsigmaf3C2greek small letter final sigma
963σsigma3C3greek small letter sigma
964τtau3C4greek small letter tau
965υupsilon3C5greek small letter upsilon
966φphi3C6greek small letter phi
967χchi3C7greek small letter chi
968ψpsi3C8greek small letter psi
969ωomega3C9greek small letter omega
977ϑthetasym3D1greek small letter theta symbol
978ϒupsih3D2greek upsilon with hook symbol
982ϖpiv3D6greek pi symbol
8230hellip2026horizontal ellipsis
8243Prime2033double prime
8260frasl2044fraction slash
8472weierp2118script capital P
8465image2111blackletter capital I
8476real211Cblackletter capital R
8482trade2122trade mark sign
8501alefsym2135alef symbol
8592larr2190leftwards arrow
8594rarr2192rightwards arrow
8595darr2193downwards arrow
8596harr2194left right arrow
8629crarr21B5downwards arrow with corner leftwards
8656lArr21D0leftwards double arrow
8657uArr21D1upwards double arrow
8658rArr21D2rightwards double arrow
8659dArr21D3downwards double arrow
8660hArr21D4left right double arrow
8704forall2200for all
8706part2202partial differential
8707exist2203there exists
8709empty2205empty set
8712isin2208element of
8713notin2209not an element of
8715ni220Bcontains as member
8719prod220Fn-ary product
8721sum2211n-ary sumation
8722minus2212minus sign
8727lowast2217asterisk operator
8730radic221Asquare root
8733prop221Dproportional to
8743and2227logical and
8744or2228logical or
8764sim223Ctilde operator
8773cong2245approximately equal to
8776asymp2248almost equal to
8800ne2260not equal to
8801equiv2261identical to
8804le2264less-than or equal to
8805ge2265greater-than or equal to
8834sub2282subset of
8835sup2283superset of
8836nsub2284not a subset of
8838sube2286subset of or equal to
8839supe2287superset of or equal to
8853oplus2295circled plus
8855otimes2297circled times
8869perp22A5up tack
8901sdot22C5dot operator
8968lceil2308left ceiling
8969rceil2309right ceiling
8970lfloor230Aleft floor
8971rfloor230Bright floor
9001lang2329left-pointing angle bracket
9002rang232Aright-pointing angle bracket
9824spades2660black spade suit
9827clubs2663black club suit
9829hearts2665black heart suit
9830diams2666black diamond suit