Inferencing Act

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An Inferencing Act is an act where a system makes an inference argument based on the available information.


  • Wiktionary
    • Inference (countable and uncountable; plural inferences)
      • 1. (uncountable) The act or process of inferring by deduction or induction.
      • 2. (countable) That which is inferred; a truth or proposition drawn from another which is admitted or supposed to be true; a conclusion; a deduction.
    • Derived terms
      • deductive inference
      • inductive inference
      • statistical inference

  • (Wikipedia, 2009) ⇒ Inference
    • Inference is the act or process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what one knows. Inference is studied within several different fields.
      • Human inference (i.e. how humans draw conclusions) is traditionally studied within the field of cognitive psychology.
      • Logic studies the laws of valid inference.
      • Statisticians have developed formal rules for inference (statistical inference) from quantitative data.
      • Artificial intelligence researchers develop automated inference systems.