PPLRE Corpus 7181.a.t,1-2,5-6

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This passage from PPLRE Corpus 7181.a contains the relation OPL(M. tuberculosis, MmpL7, cell membrane). The passage is an example where the organism and the protein are never mentioned in the same sentence.

  • <PSID=7181.a.t> Interaction between Polyketide Synthase and Transporter Suggests Coupled Synthesis and Export of Virulence Lipid in M. tuberculosis
  • <PSID=7181.a.1> Phthiocerol dimycocerosate (PDIM), a surface-exposed polyketide lipid necessary for Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence, is the product of several polyketide synthases including PpsE.
  • <PSID=7181.a.2> Transport of PDIM requires <PROTEIN>MmpL7</PROTEIN>, a member of the MmpL family of RND permeases.
  • ...
  • <PSID=7181.a.5> This suggests that <PROTEIN>MmpL7</PROTEIN> acts in complex with the synthesis machinery to efficiently transport PDIM across the <LOCATION>cell membrane<LOCATION>.
  • <PSID=7181.a.6> Coordination of synthesis and transport may not only be a feature of MmpL-mediated transport in <ORGANISM>M. tuberculosis</ORGANISM>, but may also represent a general mechanism of polyketide export in many different microorganisms.