Publication Vehicle

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A Publication Vehicle is a distribution method for publications.



  • (Turoff & Hiltz, 1982) ⇒ Murray Turoff, and Starr Roxanne Hiltz. (1982). “The electronic journal: A progress report.” In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 33(4).
    • QUOTE: … . Book reviews have also appeared in Paper Fair. Because Paper Fair is not readily available outside the community of current EIES users, it ‘serves largely for preprint ‘distribution and for soliciting feedback from others. However, it does also reflect a feeling we have gotten from many EIES users of ‘the need for an unrefereed publication vehicle. …

      We will also provide facilities for trading “collections” and for notifying authors when an individual or group has collected any of their material. Collections are the starting vehicle or tools for the role of the “research librarian” or “information broker” in what we hope will evolve into an information market-place environment. ...