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Quantification is a restriction on the Arguments of a Predicate Function.


  • wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
    • a limitation imposed on the variables of a proposition (as by the quantifiers `some' or `all' or `no')
    • the act of discovering or expressing the quantity of something
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantification
    • In mathematics and empirical science, it refers to human acts, known as counting and measuring that map human sense observations and experiences into members of some set of numbers. Quantification in this sense is fundamental to the scientific method.
    • In logic, quantification refers to the binding of a variable ranging over a domain of discourse. The variable thereby becomes bound by an operator called a quantifier. Academic discussion of quantification refers more often to this meaning of the term than the preceding one.
  • CYC Glossary http://www.cyc.com/cycdoc/ref/glossary.html
    • quantification: Quantification is a way to talk about objects without being specific about the identity of the objects involved. There are two kinds of quantification: existential and universal. Each quantification uses one quantifier and one variable. For details on quantification, click here.