Semantic Parsing Task

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A Semantic Parsing Task is a semantic NLP task that is a parsing task, where the output is a formal representation.




    • Verifiability: With the representation scheme, it must be possible to compare (or match) the meaning of a sentence against the knowledge base.
    • Unambiguousness: linguistic input may have several legitimate interpretations. A desired meaning representation should have the ability to tell which are more likely or unlikely
    • Canonical form: It is desired that sentences with the same meaning should be assigned the same representation
    • Inference: Inference refers to a system’s ability to draw valid conclusions based on the meaning representation ofinput and/or its store of knowledge
    • Expressiveness: The expressiveness of a meaning representation language is a measure of the various meanings it candescribe. In principle, there is a very wide range of input and knowledge base.We want a meaning representation method that canaccurately represent any semantic natural language sentences.