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A Tax Revenue is a government revenue by means of taxation.



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    • Tax revenue is the income that is gained by governments through taxation.

      Just as there are different types of tax, the form in which tax revenue is collected also differs; furthermore, the agency that collects the tax may not be part of central government, but may be an alternative third-party licenced to collect tax which they themselves will use. For example In the UK, the DVLA collects vehicle excise duty, which is then passed onto the treasury. [1]

      Tax revenues on purchases can come from two forms: 'tax' itself is a percentage of the price added to the purchase (such as sales tax in US states, or VAT in the UK), while 'duty' is a fixed amount added to the purchase price (such as is commonly found on cigarettes). [2] In order to calculate the total tax raised from these sales, we must work out the effective tax rate multiplied by the quantity supplied.

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