Techno-Optimist Prediction

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A Techno-Optimist Prediction is an utopian economic prediction due to technological innovation.



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    • A cornucopian is a futurist who believes that continued progress and provision of material items for mankind can be met by similarly continued advances in technology. Fundamentally they believe that there is enough matter and energy on the Earth to provide for the ever-rising population of the world.

      Looking further into the future they posit that the abundance of matter and energy in space would appear to give humanity almost unlimited room for growth.

      The term comes from the cornucopia, the "horn of plenty" of Greek mythology, which magically supplied its owners with endless food and drink. The cornucopians are sometimes known as "boomsters", and their philosophic opponents—Malthus and his school—are called "doomsters" or “doomers."[1]

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