Teuvo Kohonen

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Teuvo Kohonen is a person.



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    • Back cover: Self-Organizing Map (SOM), with its variants, is the most popular artificial neural network algorithm in the unsupervised learning category. About 4000 research articles on it have appeared in the open literature, and many industrial projects use the SOM as a tool for solving hard real-world problems. Many fields of science have adopted the SOM as a standard analytical tool: statistics, signal processing, control theory, financial analysis, experimental physics, chemistry and medicine. The SOM solves difficult high-dimensional and nonlinear problems such as feature extraction and classification of images and acoustic patterns, adaptive control of robots, and equalization, demodulation, and error-tolerant transmission of signals in telecommunications. A new area is the organization of very large document collections. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the SOM is one of the most realistic models of the biological brain function.


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    • ABSTRACT: Unsupervised self-organizing maps (SOMs), as well as supervised learning by Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) can be defined for string variables, too. Their computing becomes possible when the SOM and the LVQ algorithms are expressed as batch versions, and when the average over a list of symbol strings is defined to be the string that has the smallest sum of generalized distance functions from all the other strings.
    • Author Keywords: Self-organizing map; Learning vector quantization; String clustering


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