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See: Verb, Past Participle, Past Participle Verb.


  • http://bioie.ldc.upenn.edu/wiki/index.php/POS_tags#VBN
    • This tag refers to the form a verb that ends in -ed (for regular verbs) or in alternate forms (for irregular verbs) and describes nouns that are the object of the action of the verb.
      • Direct sequencing was performed_VBN to detect mutations in codon 12 or 13 of K-ras.
      • The point mutation of GGT to GAT in codon 12 was frequently observed_VBN.
    • There are instances of confusion between JJ and VBN (see JJ or VBG/VBN Guidelines). In the case of bio-medical text, unless it is being used explicitly as an adjective (see JJ), use VBN.
      • Besides MPP(+), only the 2[N]-methylated_VBN compounds 2[N]-methyl-IQ(+), 2[N]-methyl-norsalsolinol and 2[N]-methyl-salsolinol showed enhanced_VBN cytotoxicity.