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A Text Wikification Task is a semantic text annotation task that translates a text document into a wikitext document.




  • https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wikify#Verb
    1. (transitive, of text or other content) To adapt to the standards and facilities of an existing wiki.
      • 2001 May 22, Jeff Hobbs, “Re: memory usage in tcl”, comp.lang.tcl, Usenet:
        • This is definitely worth wikifying.
      • 2007 Lisa Neal, My Life as a Wikipedian, “eLearn Magazine”:
        • I added a justification, and tried to "wikify" the entry, which involved adding references and reformatting the text.
      • 2007, T. Scott Plutchak, “What's a Serial When You're Running on Internet Time?”[1], The Serials Librarian: 
        • We don't yet know how blogs will evolve, and it is almost certain that what we will be using in ten years will be very different from what we might be using now––but who will be taking the lead in making sure that these are organized and preserved and described in such a way that we can guide someone to the relevant blog posting or wikified document as readily as we now direct them to a particular journal article?
    2. (transitive) To make into a wiki, or to use a wiki approach for.
      • 2005 June 26, Frank Kane, “Eureka! Journalists may not be doomed after all”:
        • The Los Angeles Times proved this last week, with its high-minded but ultimately hilarious attempt to 'wikify ' its editorial column.
      • 2008 March 21, Elizabeth Pennisi, “Proposal to 'Wikify' GenBank Meets Stiff Resistance”[2], Science: 
        • Although he's adamant that NCBI is not going to "wikify" GenBank, Lipman says he's eager to work with mycologists to come up with a solution, possibly through RefSeq.
    3. (intransitive) To use or participate in a wiki.
      • 2007 May 1, Graeme Philipson quoting Bruce McCabe, “On the cusp of another digital revolution”:
        • "They can blog and podcast and 'wikify ' and do all sorts of things we could not even imagine until very recently."