Machine Learning-based Application

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A Machine Learning-based Application is a data-driven application that involves the significant use of machine learning pipelines (which applies ML algorithms to solve ML tasks).





  • Laura D. Hamilton. (2013). “10 Surprising Machine Learning Applications.” In: July 30, 2013
    1. Seal Mobile ID is trying to recognize the user of a mobile device based on accelerometer data (how he holds and moves the phone).
    2. The Online Privacy Foundation sponsored a competition to see if it's possible to predict whether someone is a psychopath based on his twitter usage. (According to the leaderboard, you kind of can.)
    3. Fast Iron wants to predict the auction sale price of a piece of heavy equipment — essentially create a Blue Book for bulldozers.
    4. Similarly, Carvana is building a model to determine if a car bought at auction is a lemon.
    5. Marinexplore and Cornell University are trying to identify whales in the ocean based on audio recordings so that ships can avoid hitting them.
    6. Dunnhumby and hack/reduce are trying to predict in advance whether a product launch will be successful or not.
    7. Oregon State University is looking to determine which bird species is/are on a given audio recording collected in field conditions.
    8. Amazon is looking for a model to "predict an employee's access needs, given his/her job role." If new employees are starting with inadequate permissions, then it is a costly time suck for them to submit access request paperwork, get supervisor approval, and get granted access by IT. If Amazon is able to create a smarter permissions system with a machine learning model, they can save quite a bit of time and money.
    9. Benchmark Solutions is trying to predict the trade price of U.S. corporate bonds.
    10. StackOverflow wants a model that will predict which new questions will be closed.