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An Experience is an mental concept of a sensed event (that has been experienced).



  1. Event(s) of which one is cognizant.
    It was an experience he would not soon forget.|lang=en}}
  2. An activity which one has performed.
    “I have tried, as I hinted, to enlist the co-operation of other capitalists, but experience has taught me that any appeal is futile that does not impinge directly upon cupidity. …”}}
  3. A collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills.
  4. The knowledge thus gathered.
    In his submission to the UN, [Christof] Heyns points to the experience of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles were intended initially only for surveillance, and their use for offensive purposes was prohibited, yet once strategists realised their perceived advantages as a means of carrying out targeted killings, all objections were swept out of the way.