Factor Analysis Algorithm

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A Factor Analysis Algorithm is an analysis algorithm that can be applied by a factor analysis system (to solve a factor analysis task).



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  • (Fodor, 2002) ⇒ Imola K. Fodor. (2002). “A Survey of Dimension Reduction Techniques." LLNL technical report, UCRL ID-148494
    • QUITE: This section follows [41]. Like PCA, factor analysis (FA) is also a linear method, based on the second-order data summaries. First suggested by psychologists, FA assumes that the measured variables depend on some unknown, and often unmeasurable, common factors. Typical examples include variables de¯ned as various test scores of individuals, as such scores are thought to be related to a common "intelligence" factor. The goal of FA is to uncover such relations, and thus can be used to reduce the dimension of datasets following the factor model.