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A Legal Document is a domain-specific document from a Legal Domain.



  • (Biagioli et al., 2005) ⇒ C. Biagioli, E. Francesconi, Andrea Passerini, S. Montemagni, and C. Soria. (2005). “Automatic Semantics Extraction In Law Documents." In: Proceedings Of The Tenth International Conference On Artificial Intelligence and Law. (ICAIL 2005)
    • QUOTE: ... The legal system usually suffers from scarce transparency which is caused by a non-systematic organization of the legal order. Law, in fact, is a normative and documentary unit of reference, hence the inability to obtain an analytical/systematic vision of a legal order itself, allowing to query a legal information system according to the content of each norm. This necessarily creates obstacles to the knowledge and upkeep of the legal order: from the uncertainty of the impact of new laws on the legal order in terms of coherency preservation, to the difficulties in norm accessing by both citizens and legal experts. ...