2009 TheUseofExpertSystemforMarineDi

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Subject Headings: LEM Induction Algorithm; MODLEM Algorithm; Rule Induction Algorithm.


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The paper presents a diagnostic system for marine diesel engine based on an expert system model. The research relevant to knowledge acquisition for this system was done, knowledge data set was built and general structures of the expert system was proposed. Basic sources of knowledge which can be used for construction of knowledge data set are also identified. The basic knowledge related to the diesel diagnostic was undertaken from experts and diagnostic data base. The paper questionnaire was used to the knowledge acquisition from experts. The basic knowledge related to the marine diesel exploitation was undertaken. The rule induction algorithms was used to knowledge acquisition from data base. During the experiment efficiency of LEM induction algorithms was compared to new MODLEM and EXPLORE algorithms. Training and test data were acquired from experiment on marine engine Sulzer 3AL 25/30



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2009 TheUseofExpertSystemforMarineDiAdam Charchalis
Rafal Pawletko
The Use of Expert System for Marine Diesel Engine Diagnosis10.2478/v10040-008-0122-72009
AuthorAdam Charchalis + and Rafal Pawletko +
doi10.2478/v10040-008-0122-7 +
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