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Topic discovery and evolution (TDE) has been a problem which has gained long standing interest in the research community. The goal in topic discovery is to identify groups of keywords from large corpora so that the information in those corpora are summarized succinctly. The nature of text corpora has changed dramatically in the past few years with the advent of social media. Social media services allow users to constantly share, follow and comment on posts from other users. Hence, such services have given a new dimension to the traditional text corpus. The new dimension being that today's corpora have a social context embedded in them in terms of the community of users interested in a particular post, their profiles etc. We wish to harness this social context that comes along with the textual content for TDE. In particular, our goal is to both qualitatively and quantitatively analyze when social context actually helps with TDE. Methodologically, we approach the problem of TDE by a proposing non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) based model that incorporates both the textual information and social context information. We perform experiments on large scale real world dataset of news articles, and use Twitter as the platform providing information about the social context of these news articles. We compare with and outperform several state-of-the-art baselines. Our conclusion is that using the social context information is most useful when faced with topics that are particularly difficult to detect.



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2015 LeveragingSocialContextforModelJanani Kalyanam
Amin Mantrach
Diego Saez-Trumper
Hossein Vahabi
Gert Lanckriet
Leveraging Social Context for Modeling Topic Evolution10.1145/2783258.27833192015