Prokaryote Protein Localization Relation Extraction (PPLRE) Project

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A Prokaryote Protein Localization Relation Extraction (PPLRE) Project was a research project to enhance PSORTdb with experimentally validated Prokaryote protein localizations from a PubMed snapshot.


  1. PPLRE Project Introduction
  2. PPLRE Domain Description
  3. PPLRE Research Topics
  4. PPLRE High-level Design
    1. PPLRE High-level System Design
    2. PPLRE High-level Data Design
    3. PPLRE High-level Examples
  5. PPLRE System Design
    1. PPLRE Annotator
    2. PPLRE Preprocessor
    3. PPLRE Relation Recognition Algorithms
  6. PPLRE Data Design
    1. PPLRE Corpus
      1. PPLRE Curated Corpus
      2. PPLRE Corpus Stats
    2. PPLRE Structured Data
    3. PPLRE Data Examples
  7. PPLRE Evaluation Task
    1. PPLRE Automated Evaluation System
    2. PPLRE Manual Evaluation System
  8. PPLRE Resources
  9. PPLRE Project Team and Milestones
  10. PPLRE Open Issues
    1. PPLRE Curation Issues
    2. PPLRE Annotation Issues
  11. PPLRE References