2002 The Semantics of Relationships

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Subject Headings: Semantic Relationship.




Table of Contents

  • PART I Types of Relationships
    • Chapter 1 Hyponymy and Its Varieties D. D. Alan Cruse (Cruse, 2002) ⇒ D. Alan Cruse. (2002). “Hyponymy and its Varieties.” In: (Green et al., 2002).
    • Chapter 2 On the Semantics of Troponymy Christiane Fellbaum (Fellbaum, 2002)
    • Chapter 3 Meronymic Relationships: From Classical Mereology to Complex Part-Whole Relations Simone Pribbenow
    • Chapter 4 The Many Facets of the Cause-Effect Relation Christopher Khoo, Syin Chan, & Yun Niu
  • PART II Relationships in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    • Chapter 5 Internally-Structured Conceptual Models in Cognitive Semantics Rebecca Green
    • Chapter 6 Comparing Sets of Semantic Relations in Ontologies Eduard Hovy
    • Chapter 7 Identity and Subsumption Nicola Guarino & Christopher Welty
    • Chapter 8 Logic of Relationships Christophe Jouis
  • PART III Applications of Relationships Chapter
    • 9 Thesaural Relations in Information Retrieval Martha Evens
    • Chapter 10 Identifying Semantic Relations in Text for Information Retrieval and Information Extraction Christopher Khoo & Sung Hyon Myaeng
    • Chapter 11 A Conceptual Framework for the Biomedical Domain Alexa T. McCray & Olivier Bodenreider
    • Chapter 12 Visual Analysis and Exploration of Relationships Beth Hetzler.,

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2002 The Semantics of RelationshipsRebecca Green
Carol A. Bean
Sung Hyon Myaeng
The Semantics of Relationships: An Interdisciplinary Perspectivehttp://books.google.com/books?id=JgplkZbZ2zwC2002