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Subject Headings: KIM System, Semantic Annotation System, Ontology Population System.


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The KIM platform provides a novel Knowledge and Information Management infrastructure and services for automatic semantic annotation, indexing, and retrieval of documents. It provides mature infrastructure for scaleable and customizable information extraction (IE1) as well as annotation and document management, based on GATE2. In order to provide basic level of performance and allow easy bootstrapping of applications, KIM is equipped with an upper-level ontology and a knowledge base providing extensive coverage of entities of general importance. The ontologies and knowledge bases involved are handled using cutting edge Semantic Web technology and standards, including RDF(S) repositories, ontology middleware and reasoning.

From technical point of view, the platform allows KIM-based applications to use it for automatic semantic annotation, content retrieval based on semantic restrictions, and querying and modifying the underlying ontologies and knowledge bases. This paper presents the KIM platform, with emphasize on its architecture, interfaces, tools, and other technical issues.


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2003 KIMSemanticAnnotPlatformAtanas Kiryakov
Borislav Popov
Dimitar Manov
Damyan Ognyanoff
Angel Kirilov
Miroslav Goranov
KIM - Semantic Annotation PlatformProceedings of the 2nd International Semantic Web Conferencehttp://ontotext.com/publications/KIM SAP ISWC168.pdf10.1007/b142872003