2003 TermExtractionAndAutomaticIndexing

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Subject Headings: Computational Terminology, Term Extraction Task, Term Indexing Task, TERMINO System, LEXTER System, CLARIT System, FASTR System.


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  • Terms are pervasive in scientific and technical documents; their identification is a crucial issue for any application dealing with the analysis, understanding, generation, or translation of such documents. In particular, the ever-growing mass of specialized documentation available on-line, in industrial and governmental archives or in digital libraries, calls for advances in terminology processing for such purposes as information retrieval, cross-language querying, indexing of multimedia documents, translation aids, document routing and summarization, etc.
  • This chapter introduces the basic linguistic characteristics of terms. It presents the main methods in NLP for recognizing or discovering terms and their interrelationships in large corpora.

Terminological Engineering



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2003 TermExtractionAndAutomaticIndexingChristian Jacquemin
Didier Bourigault
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