2003 TheOxfordHandbookOfCompLing

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Subjects Headings: Computational Linguistics, Survey.


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  • Thirty-eight chapters, comissioned from experts all over the world, describe major concepts, methods, and applications in computational linguistics.
  • Part I, Linguistic Fundamentals, provides an overview of the field suitable for senior undergraduates and non-specialists from other fields of linguistics and related disciplines.
  • Part II describes current tasks, techniques, and tools in Natural Language Processing and aims to meet the needs of post-doctoral workers and others embarking on computational language research.
  • Part III surveys current applications.

Part I: Fundamentals

  • 1. Phonology, Steven Bird.
  • 2. Morphology, Harald Trost
  • 3. Computational Lexicography, Patrick Hanks.
  • 4. Syntax, Ronald M. Kaplan
  • 5. Semantics, Shalom Lappin
  • 6. Discourse, Allan Ramsay
  • 7. Pragmatics and Dialogue, Geoffrey N. Leech and Martin Weisser
  • 8. Formal Grammars and Languages, Carlos Martin-Vide
  • 9. Complexity, Bob Carpenter

Part II: Processes, Methods, and Resources

Part III: Applications




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2003 TheOxfordHandbookOfCompLingRuslan MitkovThe Oxford Handbook of Computational LinguisticsOxford University Presshttp://books.google.com/books?id=OaClhre-vW4C2003