2005 ExtractingRelsIntegInforUsingKernelMethods

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Subject Headings: Relation Detection from Text Algorithm, ACE Benchmark Task


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Entity relation detection is a form of information extraction that finds predefined relations between pairs of entities in text. This paper describes a relation detection approach that combines clues from different levels of syntactic processing using kernel methods. Information from three different levels of processing is considered: tokenization, sentence parsing and deep dependency analysis. Each source of information is represented by kernel functions. Then composite kernels are developed to integrate and extend individual kernels so that processing errors occurring at one level can be overcome by information from other levels. We present an evaluation of these methods on the 2004 ACE relation detection task, using Support Vector Machines, and show that each level of syntactic processing contributes useful information for this task. When evaluated on the official test data, our approach produced very competitive ACE value scores. We also compare the SVM with KNN on different kernels.


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2005 ExtractingRelsIntegInforUsingKernelMethodsRalph Grishman
Shubin Zhao
Extracting Relations with Integrated Information Using Kernel MethodsProceedings of ACL Conferencehttp://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/P/P05/P05-1052.pdf2005