2005 SemanticAnnotForKnowMgmt

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Subject Headings: Semantic Text Annotation, Knowledge Management.


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While much of a company's knowledge can be found in text repositories, current content management systems have limited capabilities for structuring and interpreting documents. In the emerging Semantic Web, search, interpretation and aggregation can be addressed by ontology-based semantic mark-up. In this paper, we examine semantic annotation, identify a number of requirements, and review the current generation of semantic annotation systems. This analysis shows that, while there is still some way to go before semantic annotation tools will be able to address fully all the knowledge management needs, research in the area is active and making good progress.



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2005 SemanticAnnotForKnowMgmtVictoria Uren
Philipp Cimiano
José Iria
Siegfried Handschuh
Maria Vargas-Vera
Enrico Motta
Fabio Ciravegna
Semantic Annotation for Knowledge Management: Requirements And A Survey Of The State Of The ArtWeb Semantics: Sciencehttp://www.siegfried-handschuh.net/pub/2006/semantic-annotation websemantics2006.pdf10.1016/j.websem.2005.10.0022005