2006 IntelligentBibliographyCreation

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Subject Headings Computer-assisted Semantic Annotation, Bibliography Management, Citation Network Analysis.


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User interfaces for Digital Libraries - Collection building - management and integration - System architectures - integration and interoperability


The move towards integrated international Digital Libraries offers the opportunity of creating comprehensive data on citation networks. These data are not only invaluable pointers to related research, but also the basis for evaluations such as impact factors, and the foundation of smart search engines. However, creating correct citation-network data remains a hard problem, and data are often incomplete and noisy. The only viable solution appear to be systems that help authors create correct, complete, and annotated bibliographies, thus enabling autonomous citation indexing to create correct and complete citation networks. In this paper, we describe a general system architecture and two concrete components for supporting authors in this task. The system takes the author from literature search through domain-model creation and bibliography construction, to the semantic markup of bibliographic metadata. The system rests on a modular and extensible architecture: VBA Macros that integrate seamlessly into the user’s familiar working environment, the use of existing databases and information-retrieval tools, and a Web Service layer that connects them.



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2006 IntelligentBibliographyCreationIntelligent Bibliography Creation and Markup for Authors: A Step Towards Interoperable Digital Librarieshttp://warhol.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/~berendt/Papers/berendt et al ECDL2006 proofs.pdf10.1007/11863878_52
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