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Subject Headings: Fact Oriented Modeling.



Author Keywords

  • Fact Oriented Modeling - Fact Based Modeling - Case Study - Compliance Modeling - Business Rules - Natural Language - NIAM2007 - CogNIAM - Doctool - OMG - SBVR - BPMN


  • This paper describes FlexBenefits, a commercial software system designed to support flexible employment benefits, and shows how the use of fact-based modeling aided in the development of this system. Flexible employment conditions are labor conditions which can be traded off against each other. They give employees the opportunity to tailor their working conditions to their personal situation. Flexible employment conditions have to comply with four different levels of legislation presently; governmental laws, collective labor agreements, the company policies and the personnel group policies, each of which change constantly in the course of time.


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2009 FactOrientApplToDevAFlexEmpBenSysMaurice Nijssen
Inge Lemmens
Ralph Mak
Fact-Orientation Applied to Develop a Flexible Employment Benefits SystemInternational Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling10.1007/978-3-642-05290-3_902009