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In the last decade, advances in data collection and storage technologies have led to an increased interest in designing and implementing large-scale parallel algorithms for machine learning and data mining (ML-DM). Existing programming paradigms for expressing large-scale parallelism such as MapReduce (MR) and the Message Passing Interface (MPI) have been the de facto choices for implementing these ML-DM algorithms. The MR programming paradigm has been of particular interest as it gracefully handles large datasets and has built-in resilience against failures. However, the existing parallel programming paradigms are too low-level and ill-suited for implementing ML-DM algorithms. To address this deficiency, we present NIMBLE, a portable infrastructure that has been specifically designed to enable the rapid implementation of parallel ML-DM algorithms. The infrastructure allows one to compose parallel ML-DM algorithms using reusable (serial and parallel) building blocks that can be efficiently executed using MR and other parallel programming models; it currently runs on top of Hadoop, which is an open-source MR implementation. We show how NIMBLE can be used to realize scalable implementations of ML-DM algorithms and present a performance evaluation.



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2011 NIMBLEaToolkitfortheImplementatAmol Ghoting
Prabhanjan Kambadur
Edwin Pednault
Ramakrishnan Kannan
NIMBLE: A Toolkit for the Implementation of Parallel Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms on Mapreduce10.1145/2020408.20204642011