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With the explosion of mobile devices with cameras, online search has moved beyond text to other modalities like images, voice, and writing. For many applications like Fashion, image-based search offers a compelling interface as compared to text forms by better capturing the visual attributes. In this paper we present a simple and fast search algorithm that uses color as the main feature for building visual search. We show that low level cues such as color can be used to quantify image similarity and also to discriminate among products with different visual appearances. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach through a mobile shopping application\footnote{eBay Fashion App available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ebay-fashion / id378358380? mt=8 and eBay image swatch is the feature indexing millions of real world fashion images}. Our approach outperforms several other state-of-the-art image retrieval algorithms for large scale image data.



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2013 PalettePowerEnablingVisualSearcAnurag Bhardwaj
Atish Das Sarma
Wei Di
Raffay Hamid
Robinson Piramuthu
Neel Sundaresan
Palette Power: Enabling Visual Search through Colors10.1145/2487575.24882012013