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The ACM Digital Library is a digital library service managed by ACM.



    • The ACM Digital Library, a part of the ACM Portal, contains a comprehensive archive of the organization's journals, magazines, and conference proceedings. Online services include a forum called Ubiquity and Tech News digest.
      ACM requires the copyright of all submissions to be assigned to the organization as a condition of publishing the work.[1] Authors may post the documents on their own websites, but they are required to link back to the digital library's reference page for the paper. Though authors are not allowed to charge for access to copies of their work, downloading a copy from the ACM site requires a paid subscription.


  • (ACM, 2010) ⇒
    • Under no circumstances are the following actions permitted:
      • Sharing of individual usernames and passwords with others
      • Transferring your account to another individual
      • Sharing materials within the Digital Library that require username and password access. This includes but is not limited to emailing files from the Digital Library to others, sharing printed materials from the Digital Library, or posting materials from the Digital Library on a server or peer to peer network without written permission from the ACM. (Note: Authors of ACM Publications retain certain distribution rights regarding their own published materials that supersede the above policy.)
      • Using scripts or spiders to automatically download articles from the ACM Digital Library.