Formally Specified Model

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A Formally Specified Model is a model that is defined by formal statements.




  • (Miller & Mukerji, 2001) ⇒ Joaquin Miller and Jishnu Mukerji. (2001). “Model Driven Architecture (MDA): A Draft with annotations of issues to resolve Architecture Board ORMSC." Object Management Group
    • A formally specified model is useful because:
      • It facilitates creation of compatible platform specific models/specifications corresponding to the same platform-independent model and hence implementations that are easier to bridge together.
      • It provides a common reference model and vocabulary with unambiguous meaning thus reducing the chances of miscommunication among system designers and builders.
      • It facilitates standardization of more precisely specified designs and patterns, thus allowing for portability of design, and makes it easier to support interoperability among different realizations of the same design on different platforms.