Graph Data Analysis Task

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A Graph Data Analysis Task is a relational data analysis task whose task input is a graph dataset.




  • (Getoor & Diehl, 2005) ⇒ Lise Getoor, and Christopher P. Diehl. (2005). “Link Mining: A survey.” In: [[SIGKDD Explorations], 7(2).
    • Link mining is a newly emerging research area that is at the intersection of the work in link analysis [58; 40], hypertext and web mining [16], relational learning and inductive logic programming [38], and graph mining [23]. We use the term link mining to put a special emphasis on the links - moving them up to first-class citizens in the data analysis endeavor. In recent years, there have been several workshop series devoted to topics related to link mining. One of the earliest workshops was the 1998 AAAI Fall Symposium on AI and Link Analysis [58]. Other workshop series include the workshops on Statistical Relational Learning [48; 49; 28], Multi-Relational Data Mining [65; 39; 36; 37], LinkKDD [35; 1; 3], Link Analysis, Counter-terrorism and Security [104; 26; 103], and Mining Graphs, Trees and Sequences [94; 66; 85].