Maria Lantin

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Maria Lantin is a person.



  • GPT-4
    • Maria Lantin is a notable figure in the field of creative technology and art. Here are some key aspects related to her work and background:
      • Independent Artist and Creative Technologist: Lantin is recognized as an independent artist and creative technologist. She is particularly interested in using media to provide embodied and delightful insights about awareness and the more-than-human world​



    • Through this interactive performance in her latest virtual reality technology, Maria Lantin pinpoints fear and its antidotes with new trends in augmented and mixed reality. Fear arises and is part of how we navigate the world. If we use it as a launch point for curiosity and learning, we can influence change on an interpersonal and technological level as virtual information locates into physical space.

      Granted her PhD in Computer Science by Simon Fraser University, Maria Lantin’s doctoral focus was biological visualization, particularly the development of plants at the cellular level. Her research led to the production of an extensive software project used by biologists to conduct virtual experiments with results published in Annals of Botany. Maria later served as assistant professor at TechBC, senior researcher at Mainframe Entertainment developing 3D-stereo projection software for IMAX screens, and research director at award winning IDELIX Software Inc., one of the few successful visualization companies. Lantin led Banff Centre’s Visualization Lab for 3 years and now directs Intersections Digital Studio where she helps create an inspiring and welcoming environment for interdisciplinary research at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She also continues her collaborative visualization practice in the domains of quantum information science, human conversation and virtual reality.