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A PubMed is a Search Engine for a accessing MEDLINE Database and other life science and biomedical journal articles



  • (Wikipedia, 2009) ⇒
    • PubMed is a free search engine for accessing the MEDLINE database of citations, abstracts and some full text articles on life sciences and biomedical topics. The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health maintains PubMed as part of the Entrez information retrieval system. Listing an article or journal in PubMed is not endorsement. In addition to MEDLINE,


  • (Biocreative, 2009 ) ⇒
    • QUOTE: PubMed: the PubMed is a database available via the NCBI Entrez retrieval system, and was developed. It is currently the most important literature database for life sciences and contains over 15 million citations.