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Rexa Search Service is a citation search service for computing science research literature and its authors.



  • (Rexa, 2009) ⇒
    • Rexa is a digital library and search engine covering the computer science research literature and the people who create it. Rexa aims to facilitate research progress and collaboration by providing efficient browsing, search, associations and analysis among papers, people, organizations, venues and research communities.

      Rexa was developed by the members of the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts.

      The first research paper search engine was MLPapers, created by Andrew Ng in 1997. In 1998 both Cora and CiteSeer introduced larger services, providing browsing and analysis of computer science research literature and citation graphs. Cora was created at JustResearch by Andrew McCallum, Kamal Nigam, Kristie Seymore, Jason Rennie and Huang Chang. CiteSeer was created at NEC Research by Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles and Kurt Bollacker; it is now hosted by Lee Giles at Penn State University. Google Scholar was launched in 2004, with incredible coverage, including many paid-subscription journals. The primary distinguishing goal of Rexa is to create first-class, cross-referenced objects not only of research papers, but also people, universities, conferences, journals, grants, and research groups --- and furthermore to leverage this inter-connected information to better understand and facilitate the progress of scholarly research.