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A Taxonomy is a hierarchy whose tree nodes represent named entities related to other tree nodes with is-a-type-of relationships (or is-a-part-of relationships).



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  • (WordNet, 2009) ⇒
    • S: (n) taxonomy (a classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure or origin etc)
    • S: (n) taxonomy ((biology) study of the general principles of scientific classification)
    • S: (n) taxonomy (practice of classifying plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships)
    • Noun
      • 1. (systematics, uncountable) The science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms.
      • 2. The classification in a hierarchical system.


  • (Dextre Clarke et al., 2008) ⇒ Stella Dextre Clarke, Alan Gilchrist, Ron Davies and Leonard Will. (2008). “Glossary of Terms Relating to Thesauri and Other Forms of Structured Vocabulary for Information Retrieval." Willpower Information
    • taxonomy
      • monohierarchical classification of concepts, as used, for example, in the classification of biological organisms
      • The above definition is a personal opinion; the definition proposed in BS8723-3 is "structured vocabulary using classificatory principles as well as thesaural features, designed as a navigation tool for use with electronic media". The term is used loosely to mean various types of classification schemes, subject heading lists or thesauri, particularly when applied to the indexing of Internet resources. In my opinion this use should be avoided because of its vagueness and uncertainty; when a non-specific meaning is intended, concept scheme or controlled vocabulary should be used instead.