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Gabor Melli's Blog is a personal blog maintained by Gabor Melli.

2013-08-25: Sudden Very-high Global Unemployment Rates by 2030
I have a strong counter-current justified belief that there will be very high (~30%) and permanent world-wide underemployment rates by 2030 enabled by increasing skill requirements of good-paying jobs and increasing concentration of means-of-production ownership that is precipitated by yet another. . . more
2013-03-31: When an AI gets tenure
My life goal become more ambitious and slightly more distant last week. After describing to a new colleague at work my ambition to co-author an academic paper (at a top-tier journal) with an ACI she mentioned a recent experience with publication counts. She was the student representative at her. . . more
2013-02-23: Extrasolar Milky-Way Terrestrial Planets
Exoplanets were in the news again, this time because of the publication (Dressing & Charbonneau, 2013) which estimates, based on the Kepler mission's data that there are 0.04 Goldi-locks planets per cool star - which translates to billions of such planets just in our Milky Way! I had the. . . more
2013-02-03 A Primate's Tale
This week I finally finished Robert Sapolsky's 2001 coming of age story: "A Primate's Memoir". In it Sapolsky briefly covers his early life in New York in an idealist Euro-jewish family, but mostly it's about his time in the Maasai Mara studying baboon clans. Many times while reading it I wished. . . more
2013-01-27: Modeling Automation's Implications
This week I stumbled into Moshe Vardi's article in the 2012 October issue of The Atlantic entitled: The Consequences of Machine Intelligence through IEEE's weekly email. The article strongly referenced Bill Joy's 2000 rebel yell article in Wired magazine about technology's nightmare scenarios and. . . more
2013-01-20: An Online Predictive Modeling Service request
This week, I was extremely annoyed at how inefficient the task of predictive modeling remains. This time around I needed to train a term labeler given ~100k labeled terms. The first hour involved coding and testing a simple script to featurize strings: based on some. . . more
2013-01-05: Hello World
Hello World! Yet another blog is born. This one, at, is by Gabor Melli and it is predictably the outcome of a New Year's resolution to create one blog entry per week through 2013. The resolution emerged on a whim the day before, on December 30th. On that day, while. . . more
2013-01-13: Disbeliefs Ranked
On the odd occasion that people actually open up about some belief about the world I am typically puzzled about how the came to hold it and retain it given the significant counter-evidence against them. There are lots of examples from believing that: a person's zodiac sign is predictive, people. . . more