1965 TheShapeofAutomationforMenandMa

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Subject Headings: Comparative Advantage, Labor Market, Mass Technological Unemployment.


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Computers and automation have captured man's imagination. That is to say, like the psychiatrist's ink blot, they serve the imagination as symbols for all that is mysterious, potential, portentous. For when man is faced with ambiguity, with complex shadows he barely understands, he rejects that ambiguity and read meaning into those shadows. And when he lacks the knowledge and the technical means to find the real meaning of the shadows, he reads into them the meanings in his own heart and mind. ...



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1965 TheShapeofAutomationforMenandMaHerbert A. Simon (1916-2001)The Shape of Automation for Men and Management1965
AuthorHerbert A. Simon +
titleThe Shape of Automation for Men and Management +
year1965 +