2003 OntologyLearningAndItsAppToAutoTermTrans

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Subject Headings: OntoLearn System, Ontology Learning, WordNet, Terminology Extraction Task.


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OntoLearn is a system for [[automated ontology learning from domain texts]] that uses the WordNet lexical database. OntoLearn extracts the relevant domain terms from available documents in a given field (such as tourism, economy, and sports), relates these terms to the appropriate concepts of a general-purpose ontology, and finally detects taxonomic and other semantic relations among domain concepts. To evaluate OntoLearn, the authors analyzed the utility of a domain ontology for automated terminology translation, which is highly relevant for e-commerce and technical translations. They performed an experiment for the automated generation of multiword term equivalences from English to Italian in the tourism field using the European version of WordNet.



 AuthorvolumeDate ValuetitletypejournaltitleUrldoinoteyear
2003 OntologyLearningAndItsAppToAutoTermTransRoberto Navigli
Paola Velardi
Aldo Gangemi
Ontology Learning and Its Application to Automated Terminology TranslationIEEE Intelligent Systemshttp://www.loa-cnr.it/Papers/IEEE2003.pdf10.1109/MIS.2003.11791902003