Terminology Extraction Task

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A terminology extraction task is an information extraction task that is restricted to the population of some portion of a terminology database.



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  • (Daille, 2002) ⇒ Béatrice Daille. (2002). "Terminology Mining." In: Proceedings of the Summer Convention on Information Extraction (SCIE 2002). doi:10.1007/b11781
  • http://perso.limsi.fr/jacquemi/FASTR/
    • FASTR - A Tool for Automatic Indexing (1988-2001)
    • Fastr is a parser for term and variant recognition. Fastr take as input a corpus and a list of terms and ouputs the indexed corpus in which terms and variants are recognized.
    • Fastr can be used in two modes:
      • controlled indexing: input consists of a corpus and a list of terms,
      • free indexing: input only consists of a corpus, the list of terms is automatically acquired from the corpus.