Digital Text Document

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A Digital Text Document is a type written digital item that is a type-written document (a digital document composed of text items).



  • (Hirst, 2006) ⇒ Graeme Hirst. (2006). “Views of text-meaning in computational linguistics: Past, present, and future.” In: Computing, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science; Edited by G. Dodig-Crnkovic and S. Stuart.
    • QUOTE: In this paper, I’ll use the word text to denote any complete utterance, short or long. In a computational context, a 'text could be a non-interactive document, such as a news article, a legal statute, or a memorandum, that a writer or author has produced for other people and which is to undergo some kind of processing by a computer. Or a text could be a natural-language utterance by a user in a spoken or typewritten interactive dialogue with another person or a computer: a turn or set of turns in a conversation. The term text-meaning, then, as opposed to mere word-meaning or sentence-meaning, denotes the complete in-context meaning or message of such texts at all levels of interpretation including subtext.