Jordan Network

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A Jordan Network is a Simple Recurrent Network in which activations occur at the output layer, not at a hidden layer.



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    • Jordan networks are similar to Elman networks. The context units are fed from the output layer instead of the hidden layer. The context units in a Jordan network are also referred to as the state layer. They have a recurrent connection to themselves.

      Elman and Jordan networks are also known as "simple recurrent networks" (SRN).

      Elman network [1]:

      [math]\begin{align} h_t &= \sigma_h(W_{h} x_t + U_{h} h_{t-1} + b_h) \\ y_t &= \sigma_y(W_{y} h_t + b_y) \end{align} [/math]

      Jordan network [2]:

      [math] \begin{align} h_t &= \sigma_h(W_{h} x_t + U_{h} y_{t-1} + b_h) \\ y_t &= \sigma_y(W_{y} h_t + b_y) \end{align} [/math]

      Variables and functions

      • [math] x_t [/math] : input vector
      • [math] h_t [/math] : hidden layer vector
      • [math] y_t [/math] : output vector
      • [math] W [/math] , [math] U [/math] and [math] b [/math] : parameter matrices and vector
      • [math] \sigma_h [/math] and [math] \sigma_y [/math] : Activation functions
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ABSTRACT: A theory of learned sequential behavior is presented, with a focus on coarticulatory phenomena in speech. The theory is implemented as a recurrent parallel distributed processing network that is trained via a generalized error-correcting algorithm. The basic idea underlying the theory is that both serial order and coarticulatory overlap can be represented in terms of relative levels of activation in a network if a clear distinction is made between the state of the network and the output of the network.