PPLRE Structured Data

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This section of PPLRE Detailed Design document is meant to describe the Persistent Data that will be used during the PPLRE Project. For data in Relational Table format, the Metadata, sources and sample data are provided.


  • Some of the values in the sample data provided are also presented with the meaning of the value in parentheses. E.g. an entrysuch as: 287(P. auregionosa)suggests that value 287 corresponds to P. aureginosa in another table – typically through a foreignkey relationship to a source table.
  • Some information has still not been transfered over from: http://koch.pathogenomics.ca/pplre/PPLRE_5.1_DetailedDataDesign.html

Derived Ontology Tables

ePSORTdb Tables

SwissProt (Sprot) Protein Tables

PPLRE SwissProt Tables

NCBI Tables

PPLRE Ncbi Tables

UMLS Tables


Miscellaneous Tables

Patterns Tables

PPLRE Patterns Tables

  • PatternsPositiveManual Data ==
  • PatternsNegativeManual Data ==


TestDocuments Files


  • PplrePseaeProteinNameTable]]

BLAST Tables

  • BlastProtein Table ==