Statistical Survey

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A Statistical Survey is a survey based on statistical samples.




    • ... Survey methodology seeks to identify principles about the design, collection, processing, and analysis of surveys in connection to the cost and quality of survey estimates. It focuses on improving quality within cost constraints, or alternatively, reducing costs for a fixed level of quality. Survey methodology is both a scientific field and a profession. Part of the task of a survey methodologist is making a large set of decisions about thousands of individual features of a survey in order to improve it.

      The most important methodological challenges of a survey methodologist include making decisions on how to:

      • Identify and select potential sample members.
      • Contact sampled individuals and collect data from those who are hard to reach (or reluctant to respond).
      • Evaluate and test questions.
      • Select the mode for posing questions and collecting responses.
      • Train and supervise interviewers (if they are involved).
      • Check data files for accuracy and internal consistency.
      • Adjust survey estimates to correct for identified errors.


  • Master's Degree in Statistics at the University of Chicago.
    • Survey Statistics: Statistical surveys are important and pervasive in the modern world. Governments use survey statistics to establish policy and trigger actions; businesses use survey data to make important decisions about products and services, prices, and promotions; academic and other researchers conduct analysis of survey data to make new scientific discoveries in fields such as education, labor economics, environmetrics, health care, agriculture, forestry, sociology, and criminal justice, among many others. This program provides students instruction in the design, operations, and analysis of modern surveys. It offers students an opportunity to collaborate with survey experts among the faculty of the university and with survey practitioners at the NORC, a renowned survey organization that is affiliated with the university.