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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Fifteenth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'09). This year is special in that it marks the first time that KDD is held in Europe, and where better to host it than beautiful Paris! As the flagship conference in the field, KDD continues to provide a highly competitive forum for reporting the latest and the best developments in the research and application of data mining and knowledge discovery worldwide.

KDD'09 received a record number of 659 submissions, more than 10% up from last year. The Research Track received 537 submissions and the Industrial and Government Applications Track received 122 submissions (an increase of nearly half over last year). For the Research Track, the program committee accepted 105 papers, 50 of which (9.3% of the submitted papers) were chosen for a 25 minute oral presentation and the remaining 55 (10.2%) for a 15 minute presentation. The corresponding numbers for the Industrial Track are 12 (9.8%) and 22 (18.0%). All accepted papers are given up to 9 pages in the proceedings, and all accepted papers are also given poster presentation opportunities in one of the two evening poster sessions during the conference.

In addition to the paper presentations, the conference features nine tutorials, eleven workshops, one panel, the hugely successful KDD-Cup competition, a demo session, an exhibition, evening industry sessions (new!), and three invited talks by David Hand (Imperial College London, UK), Heikki Mannila (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Stanley Wasserman (Indiana University, USA). The Industrial Track includes two additional invited presentations by Ravi Kumar (Yahoo! Research, USA) and Ashok Srivastava (NASA Ames, USA).

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